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Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats

dta4 cheats
dta4 cheats

These Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats are for all gaming platforms, which supports the game – Cheats for GTA 4 Xbox 360, Ps3, PC, Wii…..Grand Theft Auto 4 and the Grand Theft Auto Vice City are quite different from one another. This difference becomes more important when you prefer the Xbox to Playstation. Gamers need not to worry at all as here also you get ample means to accomplish your goal and acquire good amount. Eventually the grand theft auto franchise from DMA Design along with Rockstar games has drastically improved the scene of youths playing these games in October 1997.Offering an extensive variety of platforms with 11 popular games and 12th game Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that was unveiled in early 2009, the company claimed timeless legacy.


Before entering to the cheats ensure that you have finished a few missions in your early stages. If you don’t do so then you will not be able to take support from your cell phone. Mostly gamers perceive that their phone will not work, however you just need to perform several tasks so that you become able to text on it. Countless game cheats are available for GTA since 1997 and with the passage of time all these cheats are revealed entailing:

• Unlimited Lung Capacity

• Making Cars Fly

• Adding up Ntiro To Cars

• Increasing /Reducing Traffic

• Driving on water

• Balancing weapons/health



These are merely a fraction of the wide array of GTA 4 cheat codes available. The underlying facts that makes this cheats collection so exclusive and incomparable is the power to change the complete face of the gameplay instead of becoming invincible or getting better. Every gamer gets right to completely turn out the picture just by a finger snap.

cheats for gta 4The characteristic pf paying attention the trivial details has led to the incredible success of these games and so as the franchise dealing with it. Some of the detailed cheats can assist you to modify cars, clothing, cars, depth perception and spray-paint, etc. These are factors contribute to a stimulating playground which you can enjoy over a number of time but with unusual scenarios all time.


In order to input GTA 4 cheats the methods like engaging and equally unique are employed. However, a combination of different buttons and numbers were used to enter cheats in the older version of game. Unlike the same, newer version is designed with actual in-game tools for easily entering cheats. The GTA4 San Andreas is the best example for it where Niko’s cell phone is utilized to enter cheats through sequence of numeric strings.


Nowadays when financial conditions are tightening up, it becomes fairly different to buy a new game every time you want to play it. Rather, entering a few codes and some number series can offer you the same pleasure of playing a new game every time with more challenges. Therefore you need not to look for new games in every month or so. Be cautious for your gaming fun as these cheats may spoil your game too thus save your game from these so that the things are pretty enjoyable and under control.



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