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The Sims 3 Cheats


These Sims 3 Cheats are very powerfull Cheats Codes For Sims 3, exclusively for for PC and also Sims 3 Generations Cheats. Sims 3 is computer game published by Electronic Arts and it is developed by The Sims Studio, it is a 2009 strategic life simulation computer game. It is the continuation of the best selling PC game, The Sims 2. The Sims 2 was launched in June 2, 2009 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously. On October 26, this new version was launched for Nitendo DS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 and after that on November 15, 2010 for Wii Platform. A version for Nitendo 3DS is under development that will be in three dimensions (3D).


This game has been also launched for mobile phones platforms like Nokia N-Gage, Symbian^3, Android, webOS, Windows Phone 7, Bada OS and iOS. A simpler version is also launched for the mobile phones that support Java. In its first week, about 1.4 million copies were sold and breaking the sale records for at least one month. People wrote lots of reviews on this game on several sites, agregator Metacritic rated 86% score to this game.


This game was designed on the basis of the concept of its predecessors. Players can control their own Sims in relationships and in activities like in real life. The gameplay is indefinite and open. Sim neighbors and houses are in one map. “Story Progression” is another optional feature of this game that permits all sims in the neighborhood to separately continue if the players are controlling them like growing up, getting married, getting jobs and promotions, having children, building or buying dream house while the player isn’t playing.

What should I say about this game, in this game players control the lives of the computer generated people that means you will play the role of the God. I am personally a huge fan of this game and all of its expansion packs and i’ts sequel “The Sims 2″ and its expansion packs. If you like to use cheat codes and you want to use cheat codes for this game also then below are given some popular cheats of this game, not the sequel or the expansions just original.


However, I will suggest you that you must play this game normally but using the cheats gives another kind of fun. These cheats makes the game more interesting. It doesnt matter how you are playing this game but I hope that you will enjoy playing the role of God but remember the sims have feelings too.


Similar to other Sims games, cheats codes carry out lots of things like getting simoleons, force events, and setting Sim attributes (career, clothing, etc.). Sims 3 Cheats are entered through the console. To open the Sims 3 cheat codes window, press the Ctrl+Shift+C buttons on your keyboard and a screen will appear at the top of the screen. For those who dont know, Simoleons are the currency the Sims use.



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